Avoid Dog and Cat calls

Let’s face it, dog and cat calls are part of the industry. There are ways to minimize the amount you get and PAY for.

Quality Leads

Many of our clients have a 50 to 60 percent closing rate from our calls. It’s because our calls are targeted. Quality not quantity.

Only pay for calls

Many companies in the industry charge a flat fee for metro areas. Don’t pay a good fee for little to no calls.

You control your calls

You pick the metro area including the cities you service. We do not force you to take calls in other areas including bad calls.


Calls are exclusive

When you sign up, the calls go to only you. You are the only company listed on the page. We do not sell the same call twice.

Wildlife Control Advertising Experts

We know what type of calls earn you the most money. We understand the industry which allows us to target clients better.

Constant changes and updates

We understand what drives the traffic. We will work with you to make sure we have the right wildlife pages in place in the correct cities.

Flexible Payments

We accept all forms of credit cards. Billing is done online. All payments made online. Simple, clean and no contracts.

Stop paying for a ton of bad calls

Tired of companies billing you thousands of dollars for horrible calls? We sell QUALITY not QUANTITY. We understand your industry. We know what type of calls generate you the most money. Our clients are amazed how good our calls are.

Affordable, targeted wildlife removal advertising ~ Easy as 1-2-3...
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